Vision and values:

Our vision is to ensure that ‘Each child, regardless of background, will receive a world-class education and be nurturedchallenged and inspired to aim high’.  Our uniform must be bold and ambitious to achieve our vision which is why our uniform offers students a level of flexibility and uniqueness not seen by any other Reading school.  This uniform helps our students uphold our values of ambition, respect and kindness.


Our uniform was introduced in September 2023.  We set out on this journey with three clear, co-collaborated principles for our uniform transformation:

  1. Our community must be proud of our uniform.
  2. Our uniform must not discriminate.
  3. Cost cannot be a barrier.

To achieve this our students told us that individuality and diversity were important, and that we had

To achieve this our students told us that individuality and diversity were important, and that we had to ensure all students felt comfortable wearing our uniform.

We took this bold challenge, explored and created, and have come up with our unique approach to uniform. A uniform that offers students flexibility and individual choice, whilst upholding our vision and values and reflecting our high ambition and standards for all.

Uniform for Key Stage 3 and 4:

Trousers / Shorts – Grey tailored trousers or shorts, of formal convention cut in a plain material. Any form of skintight trouser, leggings, jeans, chinos or combat short cannot be worn. Shorts must be on the knee in length.

Skirt – Plain grey, knee-length skirt; pleated, straight or A-line. Tight fitting skirts cannot be worn.

Tights / Socks – Plain grey, black or natural coloured tights or socks may be worn with a skirt, shorts or trousers. When socks are worn over tights, they must be of the same colour.

Shoes – Plain black, flat, formal polishable shoes should be worn. Trainers or trainer like shoes cannot be worn and no logos should be visible.

Plain black, flat, formal polishable shoes should be worn. Below is a selection of shoes that can be worn.
uniform uniform uniform
Boot like shoes or ‘high tops’, shoes resembling trainers, canvas or shoes with patterns on are not permitted. Families are asked to check before purchasing shoes if they are unsure of the design.

See below for a selection of shoes that are not permitted. The principal will be the arbiter of whether a shoe is allowed or not.

wrong shoe wrong shoe
wrong shoe
wrong shoe

Shirt / polo – A branded white polo shirt, or a plain white buttoned shirt, short or long sleeve, with a branded tie.


Blazer / jumper / cardigan – A branded navy blazer, a branded navy V neck jumper, or a branded navy cardigan.

blazers and jumpers

Students can choose to wear one of these branded top items by themselves or a combination of them.

We believe this approach gives students the flexibility they want, and they will be able to wear their uniform with pride.

How to purchase:

Uniform that does not require The Wren logo can be purchased from a store of your choice.

The Wren uniform with a logo is now available to order online only. Sizing sets are still available at the Stevensons Reading branch to try, but no orders can be taken in store.

It’s easy to shop online here with low-cost postage and packing and free returns.

Once registered, you can download the most up-to-date uniform pricelists and browse to know exactly what items are relevant.

The decision to make The Wren uniform exclusively online has enabled a reduction in prices for all branded items supplied by Stevensons.

Swap shop:

If a student arrives to school without the correct uniform on, they will have the option to borrow items to meet our expectations.  There is no limit to the number of times a student can swap items and there will be no consequence.  This approach ensures that all students are in the correct attire.  Only the principal can provide permission for a student to be on school site without wearing the correct uniform.

PE kit:

Our PE kit is practical, safe and affordable.  All students must wear a Wren School PE shirt.  Students must wear either plain black shorts, tracksuit bottoms, leggings, etc.  Students can choice to wear a Wren logo black fleece or a plain black jumper – zips and hoods cannot be worn due to safety.

Key Stage 5:

Our Wren Six students are expected to take pride in their appearance and therefore follow our dress code which we describe as work smart. This will apply at all times when a student is on school site, unless a student is on a specific teacher approved activity that requires different clothing.

Full uniform information:

Further information can be found in our uniform policy.  Please click here for The Wren School Uniform Policy for September 2023-2024.