Our Vision

This is what we want from our school…

‘Each child, regardless of background will receive a world-class education and be nurtured, challenged and inspired to aim high.’

Our Mission

This is how we are going to get there…


We will have an ambitious culture of student inclusivity that ensures every child is well known, where all students receive an exceptional level of support and where wellbeing is at the heart of our provision.


We will offer an ambitious, inclusive and diverse curriculum that promotes resilience and curiosity. We will challenge all students to embrace and adopt a Better Never Stops mindset to ensure they make exceptional progress and become the best version of themselves.


We will create an inspirational school environment rooted in exceptional teaching and learning where students have high expectations and ambitions and aspire to have remarkable futures.

Our Values

This is what we believe and what will guide every interaction…


We expect all members of our community to be kind and considerate, actively demonstrating kindness towards others. We will be kind in our conversations, through our attitudes and all of our decisions will be guided by having kindness at its core.


We will be ambitious through our actions and the expectations we have for ourselves and each other. We will challenge ourselves to be the best that we can be, being ambitious in our behaviours, in our attitudes and in the learning we make.


We will create an environment of mutual respect where every member of our school community demonstrates and feels respected, where diversity and difference are celebrated and where individuals respect themselves, others, everyone’s learning and our school environment.