Report an Absence and Late Arrivals

Report an Absence

To report your child absent, please contact the school as early in the morning as possible via one of the following options;

Please remember you must contact the school on each day of your child’s absence.

If your child has more than three days off school in a row, we advise that you seek medical advice and also provide us with evidence for the prolonged absence. accepts the following as medical proof:

  • GP appointment card;
    • a text message from the health care provider, e.g., dentist, doctor, orthodontist;
    • sight of medication, named and dated appropriately;
    • sight or photocopy of prescription, named and dated appropriately.

Late Arrivals

Students who arrive late to school, after the late gate is closed, must enter via main reception at the Southcote Lane entrance, and sign in.  School starts at 8.30am and the gates are locked promptly . Please support and encourage your child to be punctual.

Leave of Absence Requests

Should you need to request a leave of absence for your child during term time, please download the Student Request for Leave of Absence form (link below). This should be completed and returned to Student Reception. Please be aware that under the strict Department for Education guidelines, requests might not be authorised, and a Fixed Penalty Notice may be issued by Reading Borough Council. A Request for Leave of Absence form should be completed for all planned absences, including those for religious observance.

What to do if your child needs to leave school for a medical appointment.

  • Provide your child with a copy of the appointment letter, or card (ideally ahead of the appointment).
  • Your child must take the appointment letter or card to main reception, marked for the attention of Ms N Yunas.
  • Write a note in your child’s planner to show their class teacher that they have permission to leave the lesson
  • Your child must go to main reception to sign out.
  • Upon arrival back at school, your child must sign in at Main Reception

Should you have any questions regarding attendance, please contact Ms Yunas on 0118 214 3888 ext. 241.

Click here to download the Student Request for Leave of Absence during Term Time form.