Curriculum Statement

At The Wren, our curriculum supports our vision that

Each child, regardless of background, will receive a world class education and be

 nurtured, challenged, and inspired to aim high.’

At The Wren, we ensure that the needs and diversity of the community are reflected at the heart of our curriculum. We are passionate in our determination to offer all students a breadth of experience in their time at The Wren: experiences which will nurture, challenge, and inspire them to not only become positive and confident members of the school and local community, but to be leaders and innovators for the global society.

Building on the foundation skills imparted to them from our primary colleagues, the aim of our curriculum is to educate and support the whole student through a world class, personalised education. Our ambitious curriculum gives each student access to a range of enrichment experiences and Quality First teaching, complemented by an innovative support provision. Resilient and restless, we are absolute in our resolve that when a student joins The Wren, they are supported to surpass self-expectations and develop a Better Never Stops mind-set.

Our seven-year curriculum is planned to:

1/ Nurture students, directly and indirectly, through a whole school and wider community approach to their spiritual, moral, social, cultural, and physical development.

2/ Inspire students and raise aspirations to achieve academic excellence and pursue dreams, through a boldly broad curriculum which is subject knowledge rich, offers enrichment experiences to open minds, and is delivered by expert teachers who regularly reflect on current pedagogy and effective practice.

3/ Challenge students to exceed their personal expectations through their freedom to be creative, to develop a growth mind-set where ‘Better Never Stops’ and to flourish in a safe, encouraging, and inclusive environment.

Curriculum Provision

Key Stage Three:

Our three-year KS3 curriculum enables students to experience an enviable breadth of subjects and study subject concepts in depth to encourage curiosity, questioning and reflection. A whole school approach to developing literacy at all levels, aims to instil confidence and a growth mind-set. This will empower all students to unlock new learning and begin to consider their options when selecting those subjects they wish to continue to master in KS4 and beyond.

Key Stage Four:

Our two-year KS4 curriculum inspires and drives students to succeed through a competitive offer of qualifications and enrichment opportunities. Options include traditional subjects which will achieve academic excellence in the English Baccalaureate; industry required subjects such as Business studies and Computer science, as well as those with a strong focus on the arts and vocational qualifications. Contemporary high-quality teaching, along with our WREN Extra, will ensure that our students are attractive applicants to any further education provision.

Key Stage Five – Wren Six (Sixth Form):

The advantages for students choosing to remain at The Wren, to be supported in their further education, cannot be overstated. Established relationships with the staff built on students’ confidence in the high standard of teaching and expertise, along with familiarity of school systems and routines, means students can continue seamlessly with their advanced studies. The KS5 curriculum incorporates the opportunity for both A Level and BTEC studies, and our dedicated sixth form team will ensure that students leave The Wren Six confident and prepared for their futures at university and beyond.

Student Support Provision (SSP):

At The Wren, we recognise the value in supporting the well-being of our students to not only improve their engagement and academic achievement, but also to foster collaborative relationships with peers and staff. We are committed to ensuring that the systems we have in place support the needs of all students, whether or not they have an identified additional need. Attention to the individual, with much consideration given to student voice, has proven to promote a strong sense of belonging: creating a culture of care, and respect across the school community. These efforts will result in a setting where students feel safe to explore, know their opinions have value, and apply a ‘Better Never Stops’ attitude – not only to their academic studies, but to all their experiences at The Wren and beyond.

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