Wren Extra

At The Wren, we offer a broad enrichment programme called ‘Wren Extra.’ This programme aims to offer all students a range of enrichment activities that cater to their interests and passions, alongside developing new skills and making new friends.

Working closely with our students we have developed a range of clubs that reflect their interests and ideas including Dungeons and Dragons, cheerleading and chess. Other clubs include seasonal sports such as oftball and athletics, music, drama, art, technology and our ECO club who were responsible for organising the planting of over a hundred small bushes and trees around the school. We believe that there is something for everyone within the Wren Extra program.

We continue to develop and adapt our Wren Extra programme based on the feedback from our students. We believe that it is important to listen to our students and offer them the opportunities that they are passionate about. Last year we organised an engineering club and this year we will be launching our mock trial/ debate club as a result of student requests through our Be Bovvered Box.

In addition to our enrichment clubs on offer, our subject departments offer homework clubs to support our students and we also offer an after school independent study and homework space which takes place in our Library – the heart of our school.

We encourage all students to take advantage of the Wren Extra program and to get involved in a club or activity that interests them. We know that these enrichment activities can play a valuable role in enhancing their overall educational experience.

Information regarding our Wren Extra programme is shared through the weekly Student Bulletin, Wren 10 and termly newsletters.