The Wren KS4 Options

At The Wren, we understand the importance of students being able to select appropriate Key Stage 4 (KS4) Options to support their academic and future successes. The decisions made during this crucial stage of their education can impact their confidence and engagement with this important transition of their educational journey.

KS4 Options provide students with the opportunity to tailor their education to suit their interests, strength, and aspirations and at The Wren, we are constantly reflecting upon our offer to ensure that all students can engage fully with the process thus leading to improved academic performance and general well-being.

The breadth of KS4 subjects at The Wren includes those beyond the core curriculum which enable students to develop critical thinking skills and to identify potential areas for further exploration at KS5 and beyond. Consequently, we offer students the opportunity to consider a mixed balance of both academic and vocational subjects to provide a well-rounded education.

In addition to the above, we believe that the breadth of subjects that we offer students means that when considering future choices, we have enabled our students to be competitive giving them valuable knowledge and skills that are in high demand and help enhance their employability.

Whilst the majority of students are excited about being able to select their KS4 options, we also appreciate that this can be seen by some to be a daunting task and as such, we are committed to supporting your child throughout the process. This is a process that continues to evolve as we listen to families and our student voice but throughout, our team will provide guidance, answers any questions and be honest to ensure that our students make informed decisions that align with their interests, abilities, and long-term goals.

Last year, we introduced information assemblies where subject leads were invited to present to the students in morning assemblies held throughout the week. This year, having listened to families and Student Voice, we will be holding an in-person Options Information Evening, at the school, where a presentation outlining the process will be given to all students and their families, immediately followed by a ‘Career’s Fayre’ where you will be able to speak directly to the KS4 subject team to discuss the suitability of their subject for your child.

Our Key Stage 4 Offer*

Key Stage 4 begins at the start of Year 10 and over two years, students will study subjects to gain formal qualifications for the end of Year 11. The aim of our curriculum is to provide our students with a broad, knowledge rich education that ensures a full range of career and study choices remain open to students in the future.

All students study a Core Curriculum which is compulsory for all students: Compulsory Courses – all students study these subjects


English Language Science – Combined Science – Dual Award
English Literature Geography or History or **Subsidiary Award Certificate in Work skills L1 BTEC (**invitation only)
Mathematics Physical Education – Core PE
Culture: PSHE & RSE


Humanities forms part of our Core Curriculum; however, there is no need to study both Geography and History. We ask our students to make a choice between studying either History or Geography. If they wish to study both, they may do so; however, the second choice will take away one of their option choices.

In addition to the core curriculum, students can choose three other subjects from the following:

GCSE GCSE BTEC or equivalent
Art and Design Geography – in addition to History Information Technologies


Photography History – in addition to Geography Hospitality and Catering


Textiles Spanish CNAT – Sports Science L1/L2
Graphic Communication Citizenship Performing Arts


Design and Tech Religious Studies Health and Social Care BTEC L2
Drama Business Studies
Music Computer Science
Physical Education
*All option choices are subject to viability i.e., minimum number of students opting for the subject and availability of subject specialists


We hope many students would continue to study Spanish. The ability to speak a foreign language is a key skill that is highly sought after in the international world we live in and forms part of the so-called English Baccalaureate: a collection of academic subjects which are recognised to springboard higher level academic study.

The English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) is a broad set of GCSE subjects that keep students’ options open for further study and future careers. The Ebacc includes: English Language & Literature, Maths, Science (including Computer Science), Geography or History and a language.

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